Home Remedy Sheet Masks By Dearpacker X Nykaa|Review

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                     Welcome back to my blog. Today I'll be sharing my views on 'The Dearpacker Home Remedy Sheet Masks' in this blog post. Some people are not so familiar with this sheet mask. So,if you've never heard before about it then there are some facts about the sheet masks.

Few facts about the sheet masks :
  • Sheet masks are face-shaped thin sheet fabrics. These are made of cotton or fiber.
  • They are soaked in serums which consists of some beneficial ingredients.
  • These are convenient and easy to use.
  • They provide extra nourishment and glow to our skin, though the results are temporary.
  • They are basically made for one time use and after that they need to be discarded.
Dearpacker Home Remedy Sheet Masks
Dearpacker Home Remedy Sheet Mask

So, let's jump into the review.
We all know about many skincare home remedies but in our busy life we don't have any time to follow them properly. For this Dearpacker, a very popular Korean skincare brand did a  collaboration with Nykaa to create home remedy masks with some traditional Indian ingredients. They are super convenient and suitable for all skin types. These home remedy sheet masks give an instant glow and nourishment to our skin. It takes only 10-15mins to pamper our skin.

Packaging : The sheet masks come in plastic sachets. The packaging is so colorful and vibrant.

Availability : These sheet masks are available on Nykaa.

Price : Rs. 100/- (for each sheet masks)

There are variants in these sheet masks but I've tried only three of them.

  • Egg white and Lemon   (for skin tightening)
  • Turmeric and Yogurt     (for brightening)
  • Charcoal                             (for clearing)
Dearpacker Egg white & Lemon Mask
Dearpacker Egg white & Lemon Mask

Egg white & Lemon Mask :
This sheet mask has egg white and lemon extracts.Egg white provides a good tightening effect to our skin.Lemon extracts has astingent properties that helps to control the excessive sebum and brighten up the skin. This sheet mask is one of my favourite.It really does what it claims. This one is good for oily skin people.
Dearpacker Turmeric & Yogurt Mask

Dearpacker Turmeric & yogurt Mask

Turmeric & Yogurt Mask :
This sheet mask claims to give a brighter and glowing look instantly. We know that turmeric and Yogurt reduce pigmentation and bring back the natural glow of our skin.But honestly I'm little disappointed with the result. I've expected much from it because it has the skin brightening agents like turmeric and Yogurt in it. It didn't give me that much glow.

Derapacker Charcoal Mask
Dearpacker Charcoal Mask

Charcoal Mask :
This sheet mask is black in color because it has Black Bamboo Charcoal extracts in it. It claims to purify the skin by removing the dirt and impurities. After using it my skin felt very soft,smooth and clean.This mask is also in my favourite list.

How to use it : All you have to do is take out the sheet mask from the sachet.Then gently unfold the mask and apply it on your clean face.Leave it for 10-15mins. After that remove the mask and lightly massage the remaining serum into your face and let it be. No need to wash after using it.
One important thing you have to remember that don't let your sheet mask dry on your face.
Dearpacker Home Remedy Sheet Mask
Dearpacker Home Remedy Sheet Mask
Dearpacker Home Remedy Sheet Mask

Pros : 

  • Colorful packaging.
  • Easy to use.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Made with traditional Indian ingredients.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Offers extra nourishment and instant glow to the skin.
  • Affordable.
  • Fit the face properly.
Cons :

  • The results are temporary.

                           Thank you for Reading.


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    1. According to your skin's basic needs.There are different types of sheet masks for different purpose. 🙂