Nykaa BlendMaster Sculpting Makeup Blender Sponge|My First Ever Beauty Blender

We all want a gorgeous,flawless look while doing makeup.But first you need to know some basic ideas about makeup tools and their uses.
Nowadays Beauty Blender has become so popular among all the beauty tools.It is perfect for blending foundation effortlessly. So,here I'm introducing you with my first ever beauty blender-"Nykaa BlendMaster Sculpting Makeup Blender Sponge".This was launched last year by Nykaa.
Nykaa Blend Master Sponge

Shapes : The sponges come in two different shapes- 'Tear Drop shape' and 'Pear shape'.Unfortunately I have only one of them- The Pear Shape in Orange color. 

Colors : They have different color options like Purple, Pink,Orange and Green.

Price : 425/-

Availability : These Beauty Blenders are available only on Nykaa Online store.

My Opinion : It is a multi-purpose tool.You can use it not only for applying foundation or concealers but to contour also. The curvy pear shape has made it easy to grip and use.This Latex-Free, non-disposable blender gives you dewy finish and doesn't absorb much product.
Nykaa Blend Master Sponge 
Nykaa Blend Master Sponge

Pros :

  • Blend Master Sculpting Blender is washable, reusable.
  • It is perfect for contouring, concealing and foundation application.
  • Latex free and more durable and prevent tearing.
  • Price is affordable than other brands.
  • It's 100% VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE.

Cons : One thing I've noticed that it's not as soft as it to be.
                          Thank you for reading.

1 comment:

  1. That sponge appears to be a make-up foundation application blender.

    Make-up foundation refers to the creams and moisturisers applied before

    actual make-up gets applied. Using foundations helps apply make-up that

    lasts for long durations of time.

    Such sponges can also be used for other related applications in using make-up.