How to Use and Clean a Beauty Blender|Basic Ideas

Beauty Blender is a very essential makeup tool.It provides buildable coverage with faster application than brushes and fingers. It's very easy to use and maintain.You just need to know some basic things about it.
Here,I'm sharing with you some tips and tricks to use and maintain blender sponges in a proper way.

Beauty Blender

How to Use : 

wet with some water
  •  Never ever use a dry beauty blender to apply your makeup.It'll not give you the proper finish.Just wet it with some water or any setting spray and squeeze the sponge gently to remove the excess water from it.Then apply your favourite foundation with it.

  • To prevent wastage of your foundation,put your foundation to the back of your hand,dip the beauty blender in it and then apply it.  

  • Don't wipe or rub your blender sponge over your face.Apply the foundation all over your face in stippling motion.

Cleaning a Beauty Blender is very important :

Lastly,you need to know the cleansing method of the beauty blender.
With each and every use,your sponge soak up oil,dirt, and bacteria which may cause unwanted breakouts.

How to clean :

Cleansing Process

  To clean your beauty blender take a bowl of water and some baby shampoo or any body wash.Don't use any detergent powder.
Dip your dirty sponge into the soapy water and let the sponge soak the water for at least 20mins.
Rub the sponge on your palms.Then squeeze it for 3-4 times under the running water to remove the soap and makeup from it.Then let it dry.
Wait until the sponge is completely dry.
  • Replace your Beauty Blender after every 3 or 4 months. 
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  1. Make-up blending beauty care sponges never looked better!

    I think I understand why the sponge is not as gentle as it is - if it were

    slightly softer - it would absorb water and the make-up too. Make-up

    artists would not like their expensive make-up shades absorbed by their

    beauty care sponges. So, I guess they make the sponges water-proof.

    Brushes and sponges are essential to apply and mix beauty care make-up

    colors and convey different styles.